How can I organise my time more effectively?

The off-campus learning juggle

Off-campus learning can be quite challenging as you juggle family, work and study commitments. Few of us are capable of completing our assessment and study objectives without some kind of effort and time. Some people are content to deliver their assignments in a concentrated, last-minute effort, perhaps with a lower mark as a consequence. Some people, however, wish to reduce the stress this approach induces and strive to attain better grades and a more confident understanding for exam time.

Knowing how you work

The point here is that it is important to know yourself. What are your likely approaches to study, to juggling assignment due dates? Do you stick to your arrangements? Will a study timetable work for you? It may be useful here to spend some time with the 'get to know yourself' resources.

Look at the suggestions for making use of university resources in How can I improve my approaches to study?

Also, refer to recommendations for resources available from the Library to assist with your study management, which includes a small review of the resources, a sample chapter, and a link to the Library to borrow it.