How do I incorporate study into my life?

Be aware of self, daily commitments and nature of off-campus learning. Refer to the section How can I improve my approaches to study?

Then, look at your Unit Guide which will indicate how many hours a week you should expect to immerse yourself in your course materials, including regular topic coverage as well as assignment preparation. The QuickRef on Making the most of your Unit Guidewill be useful here.

Being strategic

You will then be in a position to consider how and what place off-campus learning will have a place in your life. You will need to be strategic with this: what kind of result are you after?

Some people will determine the bare minimum needed to get through their course. They will, for example, focus intensively on their assignments a few days before they are due. Others will build in their awareness that it will take them some time to absorb and think about their materials. So, they plan longer lead times based around their assignment due dates. Experience shows that, in general, the more effective the effort, the better the marks. Make use of university resources