How do I get in touch with my lecturer?

Remember that your lecturer and tutor may not be on campus every day of the week as they will be conducting classes, doing course administration, and pursuing research. They often set aside certain times during the week for student contact. Emailing or leaving a phone message is usually more effective than visiting the campus without an appointment

Getting in touch

Your lecturer's contact details and the terms of that contact are generally laid out in your subject's Unit Guide. If you cannot locate your lecturer's contact details, try the Monash staff directory Opens in a new window which provides email address and telephone details.

If the prime contact for your subject is still unclear, simply write a question to Ask Monash. (Further details of this serviceOpens in a new window are available.)

Contact your Student Liaison staff Opens in a new window in the OCLC. Or contact your faculty administration and ask something like this:

Hi, I'm an off campus learner. I need to clarify some ideas in my Unit Guide / my approach to an assignment. Can you advise me which lecturer I would discuss this with for unit number ABC1234?