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Find inspiration – motivate yourself

"Do you want to find ways to encourage yourself to study? Unroll this scroll on 'How to be an inspired student' first and have a peek!"
list of inspirational hints

Written by Reem Al-Mahmood (inspired by the work of Sark Opens in a new window )

Motivation is a key to sustaining your momentum through your course and study. Balancing your activities is also a key motivator to avoid burn-out! Think about what your motivations and interests are. Here are some suggestions:

  • To sustain you on your study journey, keep alive your longer-term goal of graduating from your course. Visualise your graduation day in full regalia, and think about where you'd put your framed graduation certificate!

Someone told me about this great idea to actually make my own business card even before I finished my course. I had the title for the position I wanted, my qualifications, the company I wanted to work for, and the place.

In my case I wanted to work in China, so I designed a bilingual business card and even inserted the name of the company. When things seemed impossible or I felt like giving up, I'd keep reminding myself of my aim, and the business card slowly nudged me along.

— Tomo
I have a medical condition that makes me slower in what I do and it takes me longer to complete things. I used to find this very frustrating, and I was concerned about whether I'd ever get employed after my degree. I found out about the WAM program, that's the Willing and Able Mentoring Program Opens in a new window run by Graduate Careers Australia Opens in a new window and it was fantastic! It really helped me change my world view.
— Timothy
I have dyslexia and I was getting a bit overwhelmed by how long everything was taking me and I wondered if I'd ever finish my course, but someone suggested I have a look at some of the profiles at First person LD OnLine Opens in a new window and I was quite surprised and realised I wasn't alone and that I could succeed. It was all about shifting my focus to look at the positives and maintaining my momentum to keep going through the course.
— Natalie

Design and create your ideal business card with your completed qualifications and title now, before you've graduated!

Create your own business card
  • Write in the company you plan to work for, global work location, the languages you may have on your business card and your logo.
  • Keep this nearby and remind yourself of your longer-term vision when you need motivation. What does your business card look like?

If you start to lose motivation, then you may benefit from talking to a professional counsellor, Faculty Adviser in your faculty Opens in a new window or other academic or support staff to help work out why you might be losing motivation.

  • Stay determined and focus your energies! Gather together a support team for your studies to motivate you in your studies when the going gets tough. Link up with friends, family and mentors!
  • Stay in touch with what's happening at the university Careers Opens in a new window service, to keep you motivated.
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