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Address stress

Address stress
"Address stress"

We're all different and there are some people who thrive on stress and others who prefer a more relaxed pace. The reality is that we all have some type of stress in our lives, the key is to be able to deal with it. Here are some tips for dealing with it during your university studies.

  • Balance your study and life by engaging in your university community and social group and staying healthy and well!
  • Deal with stress when it happens and find ways that help you deal with it – listening to music, meditating, and getting appropriate support. Being realistic about your goals is important.
  • Most importantly, look after yourself and enjoy your learning and study experiences!
I found I had a really difficult time at first making new friends and not knowing anyone when I started uni, but somehow after first semester everything changed, I started to settle in and I met some people at the lunchtime aerobics classes I go to. Two of us were Engineering students, but we hadn't met each other in our department. We started to study together and help each other stay motivated. I've never looked back and now I'm in my final year and looking forward to graduating.
— Rita

Find ways to carry on and deal with stress if it all becomes a bit too much!

  • Get help early and talk to someone, a trusted friend, a counsellor, your course advisor, a lecturer. There are plenty of people who can guide and support you.
  • Think about talking to a professional counsellor, Faculty Adviser in your faculty or other academic or support staff to help you during a stressful issue.

I saw this advisor who used this activity in a workshop. It was partly how I learnt to deal with severe exam anxiety and it was such a transforming activity. I still use it now if I need to, and not just for exams, but also whenever I find myself in a potentially stressful situation. Basically, you design and wear this invisible affirming garment, I'm sure Harry Potter would be impressed!
— Maria
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