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Update your library and IT skills

"Update your library and IT skills"

A feature of the information age is information overload! There may be times when you find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by information or you may feel you are not keeping up with all the materials out there!

  • The key tip here is to learn to sift and prioritise! Think about what is essential and what is just optional reading.
  • Put what you have to read into three categories:
    • must read
    • should read
    • could read.
  • The Library is a very important part of your university learning. Find out how to access information and who can help you navigate the electronic and physical resources is important. Find out all about your library resources and facilities Opens in a new window as early as possible in your course and stay up-to-date.
  • Of course, it goes without saying that you also need to 'work smart'. You need to be digitally savvy in this information age, see IT Information for students Opens in a new window for the latest free software and IT training.
I'd make sure I'd do a library orientation and database search training session every year, because there were always new databases that were being added. It really helped to stay up-to-date.

— Dimitri

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