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Visual mapping software

Visually map your ideas
"Visually map your ideas"

You may find it useful to visually map your ideas, especially if you think you are a visual learner.

The advantage here is that you can rapidly brainstorm your ideas, and organise and categorise them. You can use colours and images to attach to your ideas, and different shapes to link and connect them. The other advantage is that these programs can convert visual diagrams into linear headings, which can be exported to MS Word. You can also add notes behind the visual diagram sections. This can be useful to keep track of your notes electronically.

The Inspiration Opens in a new window website gives you examples Opens in a new window of diagrams in different subject areas.

I'm a highly visual learner, and I just find using concept mapping software so easy now. I used to use paper and pen, but it was always so time consuming to transfer it into a linear order electronically. Now I just press a button and I get an instant conversion to a linear structure from my diagram. I'd really recommend to other students to have a go at trying out a demo copy of Inspiration Opens in a new window.
— Theo
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