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Organising your references and documents

There are many simple techniques to get your references organised. It's important that you have a physical organisation system that suits you, and to organise your study spaces both physical and electronic.

To help you organise your references you may want to consider some of the following software.

  • You can use Microsoft Excel Opens in a new window to create a database of your references.
  • EndNote Opens in a new window software is useful if you are dealing with a large project or a PhD and need to organise your references. You can download a copy of EndNote as a student of Monash. The Library EndNote site gives you information about working with the software in the Monash environment.
  • Picasa Opens in a new window free software can be used to organise photographs for your projects.
I was initially putting all my references on small cards by hand... then finally I got someone to teach me how to use Endnote. I don't know how I lived without it. It was fantastic. I just have to remember to back up all my digital materials.
— Lyn
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