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Prepare for professional practice rounds

Professional practice rounds are part of many subject practicum and professional training modules such as medicine, nursing, social work, psychology as well as education, and legal training to name a few.

In whatever context, you need to prepare to make it a most successful experience for you and the organisation you're attending. Here are some suggestions.

I decided I didn't want to disclose that I had dyslexia when I had to do my teaching experience. I'd devised all these strategies to deal with it and I didn't want the school to discriminate against me even before I'd started.
— Ann
For me, disclosing that I had dyslexia was the best thing I ever did, because it meant that my spelling mistakes were ignored in the exams and that I could use a laptop and get extra time, it was really about 'levelling the playing field' so I could have an equal footing with other students.
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