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Observing for assignments

Effective observation includes knowing how and where to find clues and resources to help you when necessary.

Industrial design
Industrial design

The Faculty of Art & Design provides a range of materials to guide and support your study. These include publications such as Unit Guides, The Handbook for Studying in the Department of Theory of Art & Design Opens in a new window, Inspections Opens in a new window and other handouts related to specific courses of study.

Make sure you have all appropriate Faculty publications and that you use them throughout the semester. Your Unit Guides can provide you with valuable information about what is required in your assignments. How closely have you read yours?

Allow sufficient time to browse in the Monash library as well as public libraries. Search both generally and in more specific ways according to the requirements of your assignments.

Learning to observe the world around you is one thing, but keeping track of your observations is quite another. One extremely useful way of recording your ideas, observations, problems, achievements and insights is to use a visual journal.

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