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Observing to expand your practice

Melissa Lucas
Artist Melissa Lucas

Just as your awareness and interest in the world around you contributes to the art you create, the attention you pay to your own work leads to your improvement as an artist or designer.

Apart from the observations you make on campus and through your study, the following suggestions may be both helpful and enjoyable research pathways to expand your practice:

  • Visit relevant exhibitions
  • Engage with the world of design and fine art in and around Melbourne, Gippsland, or wherever you happen to be
  • Attend public lectures
  • Read widely about designers and artists
  • Explore specialised bookshops
  • Look for connections between your observations and the work you are doing through your course
  • Record your reflections in a visual journal, diary, scrapbook or sketchbook.

To learn more about how observing can expand your studio practice, read through some staff tips. Consider the questions as well as the responses. How would you answer them? What other questions come to your mind?

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