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Report writing

During your course you may be required to write in a variety of ways and formats. It is important to recognise the differences and to understand that each structure is used for a different purpose. The two main formats you will encounter are the essay and the report. To gain an overview of the differences between essays and reports have a look at QuickRef 6: Essay or Report?.

Once you have an understanding of the general differences between essays and reports, start to consider more specifically what it takes to write a good report in Art & Design. This section has a range of ideas to help you. It begins with some FAQs answered by Selby Coxon from Industrial Design. Then it looks at where to start, how to structure and how to write a report. There is a sample report and a commentary in the form of a report checklist which highlights some of the important things to consider when writing a report. There is additional information about referencing and plagiarism, as well as editing, proofreading, grammar and developing a glossary.

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