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Developing your academic skills

Cassandra Burdett
Artist Cassandra Burdett

During your study in Art & Design you are expected to develop and demonstrate good academic writing skills. This section of the website aims to help you learn these skills so you can write with creativity and confidence. It begins with important information on referencing and plagiarism then invites you to learn more about editing and proofreading your work. You will also find a handy guide to grammar, which details some common errors and their corrections, and some advice on using a glossary of terms used in art, design and analysis.

Developing your academic skills may seem like a dull or difficult task, however, it is through reworking your writing that you can refine your ideas, improve your assignments and become a better student. Make time to develop your writing and take pride in what you do. Always aspire to achieve clear, concise and compelling prose.

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