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Analysing a sample introduction

Click on the highlighted text to see the comments.

Study the sample introduction below from an essay on the Judith Jarvis Thomson essay topic considered in the previous section:

Sample introduction

[1] Decisions made about abortion crucially affect the lives of women as well as foetuses and babies. [2] The rights, obligations and interests of all parties involved have to be taken into consideration when deliberating on the morality of the operation. [3] In her argument, Judith Jarvis Thomson concentrates on the issue of the right of a woman, in a situation of unwanted pregnancy, to decide what happens in and to her body. [4] She believes that the right to choose abortion should be based on this. [5] In this essay, I will show that Thomson's argument is certainly a major issue in the abortion debate, but that the issue must also take in the right to choose the death of the foetus. [6] I will also argue that these considerations, whilst important are outweighed by another issue - that of the choice of whether to accept the role of mother.

Can you identify the three elements of an introduction mentioned above?

Which sentences are concerned with:

Analysis information quiz
element sentence numbers
  1. introducing briefly the broad debate?
  1. introducing briefly the arguments of the Philosopher(s) being dealt with in the essay?
  1. stating clearly the case to be argued?

Essay topic

Is the right to choose abortion just the right to choose what happens in and to one's own body - as Judith Jarvis Thomson suggests - or is it the right to choose the death of the foetus? Discuss with reference to the unconscious violinist.

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