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Analysing the topic

Click on the highlighted text to see the comments.

Contextualising the topic

Look at the topic task for Question 2 of the assignment below, and then answer the questions as we analyse the topic.

[1] Both illicit and legal drugs are often cited as the classic example of goods which are very price inelastic.

[2] Explain why this might be the case.

[3] Draw a demand curve illustrating price inelastic demand and explain how the curve relates to the definition of price inelasticity of demand.

[4] Use the diagram to explain how the inelastic demand has implications for pharmaceutical company price setting and revenue.

[5] Word limit: 750

You can see that this topic question comprises two sections:

  • a contextualising sentence
  • a set of directions to the student.

Which part of the task is the contextualising topic or sentence?

Check your answer

Number of tasks

How many subtasks must the students complete in this assignment?

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Direction words

In the directions section of the topic question, what are students instructed to do? That is, what are the directive words in each of these subtasks? The first one has been done for you.

Subtask 1's instruction words:

Subtask 2's instruction words:

Subtask 3's instruction words:

Check your answer

Choice of tasks

Are you given the choice of which of these subtasks you will complete?

Yes No

Check your answer

Contextualising the topic: Answer

The contextualising sentence is Sentence 1, which establishes that this assignment is about illicit and legal drugs. The other sentences are directions.

Number of tasks: Answer

This assignment has three subtasks: Sentences 2, 3, and 4.

Direction words: Answer

If you included these directions, you are correct:

  • Explain why
  • Draw a diagram and explain
  • Use the diagram to explain how

Choice of tasks: answer

The correct answer is No.

You must respond to all of these tasks. If you only respond to two out of the three tasks, the most you can obtain for the assignment is 25% of the total marks.

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