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Creating subheadings

Click on the highlighted text to see the comments.

Now, try to create improved subheadings for Concepts 4.1 and 4.2, Motivation and Communication. You can combine information, cut out what is unnecessary, and restructure and reword where necessary.

  • make one key point in your subheading
  • focus on being concise - don't waste words
  • keep each subheading in parallel structure, i.e. make sure each one has the same grammatical form as the next. (Hint: Each bullet point in this list has the same grammatical form as the next.)

4.3 Leadership has been done for you.

4.1 Motivation

4.2 Communication

4.3 Leadership

Check your answer


4.1 Motivation

Provide attainable goals through recognition and/or rewards
4.2 Communication

Maintain a constant communication flow in the WPC through weekly meetings
4.3 Leadership

Create effective leadership of the WPC by retraining Mrs. Blakely
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