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Troy's assignment


Troy is a first-year Marketing student. For his first assignment in the subject, Troy chose to focus on the fast food industry.

Report topic:

Select a specific product/target market from within the broad areas identified below and:

  1. Discuss how the macroenvironmental variables have had an impact on this market making sure you show that you understand all the macroenvironmental variables that are likely to have an impact.
  2. Identify two different marketing mixes used by two different companies to target the market you have identified.

Use examples to support your discussion where appropriate.

  1. Look at the lecturer's expectations of the assignment.
  2. Next read Troy's report.
    • How well do you think the report responds to the topic?
    • Do you think the report could be improved in any way?
  3. Now read the lecturer's comments about Troy's report.
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