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Writing the introduction

Click on the highlighted text to see the comments.

Now look at the following introduction, and decide what you would retain, what you would exclude, and what you might need to add to make this function as a more effective introduction.

Enter your response by selecting the appropriate answer from the checkboxes beside each section.

1 I was pleased to be back in primary school again. I still had clear memories of my time in primary school as a student, but now I was returning as a trainee teacher. Retain


2 I was here to observe the students and to analyse their learning. Retain


3 Many factors influence students' learning. Retain


4 For instance, memory skills are very important. However, a danger with memory is that student will try simply to rote learn what they are taught. This is not good learning. A more important use of memory in learning lies in the skill of remembering so that one can relate ideas together and organise what is learnt into conceptual groups or clusters. Really, the importance of memory lies in making sense of what is learnt, rather than in reproducing what is learnt. Retain


5 However, this report will not look at the role of memory, but instead the importance of motivation in learning. Retain


Check your answers


  1. Although this personal information might be engaging, it does not contribute to creating the context of your assignment. Unless you can make it relevant, it should be excluded.
  2. We learn from this why you were in school, but not why you are writing this assignment. Either link it to the purpose of the assignment, or exclude it.
  3. This statement appears to continue the discussion about being in the classroom, so the reader cannot be sure what relevance it has for the assignment. Therefore, it does not create a context for the assignment and should be excluded.
  4. Since the report focuses on motivation, this example is irrelevant and should be excluded. In any case, there is no need to elaborate on the issue here. That belongs in the main part of the assignment, not the introduction.
  5. Stating clearly what you will do is important. There is no need to state what you will not do unless it helps clarify what you will do. It is not necessary here and should be excluded. An outline of how you will proceed might be useful.
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