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This section states whether the aims of the experiment were achieved or not, and briefly summarises the key findings.

In the Conclusions of this kind of report you need to:

  • comment on how closely your measurements and calculations agree and
  • summarise the main reasons for any discrepancies.

Choose the better of these two examples from the Conclusions section from two student reports.

  1. Conclusions
  2. Despite some errors, the law was verified.

  3. Conclusions
  4. Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws have been verified. The superposition theorem for a two source network has also been verified. The experimental results were always within 1.1% of the calculated values. The discrepancies may be due to ... ... ...(provide a reason here!).


The first sentence summarises the results. The second and third sentences comment on how closely the measurements and calculations agree and summarise possible reasons for the discrepancies.
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