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Other Legal Process resources

General references on legal writing

The following texts might be of use to students who seek further advice on writing law assignments. A great number of texts providing such guidance and helpful information have been published, and the following texts are only a sample.

Asprey, M, Plain English for Lawyers (second edition), The Federation Press, Sydney, 1996.

Campbell, E., Fox, R., Kewley, G. Students' Guide to Legal Writing, The Federation Press, Sydney, 1998.

Chesterman, S., Rhoden, C., Studying Law at University: Everything You Need to Know, Allen and Unwin, St Leonards, 1999.

Crosling, G., and Murphy, H., How to Study Business Law: Reading, Writing and Exams (second edition), Butterworths, Sydney, 1996.

Frazer, S.A., How to Study Law (chapter 5), The Law book company, Sydney, 1993.

Keyzer, P., Legal Problem Solving: A Guide for Law Students, Butterworths, Sydney, 1994

Krever, R. Mastering Law Studies and Law Exam Techniques (fifth edition), Butterworths, Sydney, 1995.

References for students whose first language is not English

The Riley text (with a focus on students of English law and legal practices) and the Wojcik text (with a focus on students of United States law and legal practices) provide law-related language exercises which develop vocabulary and grammar skills. The Cobuild dictionary and Swan's Practical English Usage are not designed for law students but for learners of English in general. However, they both provide information in clear and helpful ways.

Cobuild English Language Dictionary, Collins

Riley, A., English for Law, Macmillan, London, 1991.

Swan, M., Practical English Usage, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1995.

Wojcik, M, Introduction to Legal English: An Introduction to Legal Terminology, Reasoning and Writing in Plain English, International Law Institute, Washington U.S.A., 1998.

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