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Analysing the question

This needs interactivity for the sample questions

What is a critical approach to reading a question task?

  • Try to distinguish all the individual parts of the topic
  • Think about the relationships between the individual pieces of information and ideas
  • Try to organise the information/ideas into some groupings according to their relationships and give each group an abstract heading
  • Try to establish some overall picture of how these groups relate to each other, and of how they contribute to making a whole picture
  • Be prepared to change the picture as you do your reading

Some sample questions

Drug use

Is marijuana a dangerous drug? In your essay you may wish to consider:

  1. The molecular events through which marijuana acts
  2. Changes to the brain and behaviour as a result of marijuana use
  3. Medicinal uses of marijuana

When it comes to gambling, the odds are generally not stacked in your favour. Despite this, some people find it very difficult to stop. Consider the relative contribution of classical and operant conditioning to problem gambling.

Attachment theory

Attachment theory has received considerable research and clinical attention regarding social development in childhood. More recently, investigators have attempted to transfer the theory from parent-child to an adult-adult context, particularly in terms of romantic adult relationships. Despite the expansion of this research, concerns have been expressed regarding the adaptability of the theory. How relevant is attachment theory to our understanding of adult relationships? What is the significance of the attachment patterns to functioning in adulthood?

Outline the size-distance invariance hypothesis, and discuss how it can explain both the accurate perception of the sizes of objects (i.e., size constancy) as well as inaccuracies in the perception of size (i.e. illusions of size).

What factors would you (or perhaps do psychologists) take into consideration in determining if a test is a good measure of personality?

The history of psychological science since its beginnings in the 19th century has been one of constant and straightforward progress. Critically discuss using examples to support your analysis.

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