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Write objectively

Look at the following paragraph and compare it with the paragraph Writing subjectively. What changes have been made? Which style is closer to the style used in journals in your discipline?

Writing more objectively

These results appear to be reasonable as the model fits very well with the data points, as can be interpreted by the R 2 values of 0.32 shown in Table 1 above. However, the method used to obtain the best values for a, b, and c was rather time-consuming as it required putting many values into an Excel spreadsheet many times to obtain the lowest R 2 value. While this is probably the only way to obtain accurate results, a further limitation is that this model can be used only to extrapolate the PCB concentrations of fish within age ranges measured in the study.

Have you noticed that the style of writing in scientific journals differs from one disciplinary area to another?

In this general overview it is not possible to give advice appropriate to all disciplines and sub-disciplines in Science, so it is important to seek advice from your lecturer and tutors, and to take note of the styles used in the study guides and the academic journals in your discipline.

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