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A standalone literature review

A standalone literature review will usually have a title page, introduction, body, conclusion and references section.

Section Description

Title page + ID details

  • Your name and student ID number
  • The title gives a precise description of the assignment
  • (The title may be supplied by the subject lecturer)

Introduction Give the background to the topic
  • Why is it important?
  • Why is it interesting?
  • How does it relate to other work in the field?
  • What is the scope of the review?
  • How is key terminology defined?
  • How is the review organised?
  • Present the reviews according to the organisation you have chosen.
  • Outline the research using summaries and paraphrases expressed in your own words.
  • Evaluate the research (See Analyse the research).

    Note: Think carefully about the ways you cite information from the work of others (See Referencing.)

    Note: Think carefully about the verbs you use when you cite the work of others.
  • Summarise what you have written.
  • Identify any issues you have identified.
  • Indicate any further research which may be needed.
  • Provide a full list of all research you have referred to.
  • Ensure that you have provided full details.
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