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Other writing in Science resources


The Monash library has many books which can help you with writing for Science. In the Hargrave-Andrew library you can look for call numbers around 808.0665. Here are some examples of useful books.

  • Barass, R (2002) Scientists Must Write. (Routledge: London.)
  • Clanchy. J and Ballard, B (1997) Essay writing for students: A practical guide. 3rd ed., (Addison-Wesley: Melbourne.
  • Pechenik, JA (2004) A short guide to writing about biology, 5thed. (Longman, New York.


The following websites provide more detailed information about scientific writing:

Science resources

  • Communicating Science: a handbook

    M. Shortland and J. Gregory, 1992.

    Written for professional scientists who wish to improve their communication skills, the Handbook is also relevant for Science students taking practical communication courses.
  • Communicating in Science: writing a scientific paper and speaking at scientific meetings

    Vernon Booth, 1995.

    Writing scientific papers and giving talks at meetings and conferences are essential parts of research scientists' work, and this short book will help workers in all scientific disciplines to present their results effectively.
  • Writing for Science: a practical handbook for Science, engineering and technology students

    Heather Silyn-Roberts, 1996.

    Good written skills are in high demand by employing organisations. Science and engineering faculties require a large component of written assessment. This well-written and practical book aims to make the writing process more productive for students.
  • Writing lab reports

    Tony Dudley-Evans, 1985.

    Especially for non-native speakers of English, but an excellent short guide to scientific lab report writing. Written by one of the experts in the field, it covers every section of the lab report, with very clear examples and good exercises (no answer key).
  • Writing up research - experimental research report writing for students of English

    Robert Weissberg and Suzanne Buker, 1990.

    Especially for non-native speakers of English - detailed and comprehensive, with many exercises and illustrations. There are three chapters on the "staging" of the introduction alone. Would be relevant to a range of technical/scientific subjects which require experimental report writing. Also for postgraduates.
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