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The writing process

Good writing is challenging and requires practice, and even people whose profession is writing sometimes find it difficult. You will find the writing task simpler if you are well-prepared, keep good records, and approach the task in an organised way.

The following sections outline strategies to help you with various writing tasks. For information about other forms of scientific writing, refer to Other writing in Science resources.

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Remember that you can make an appointment to see a Language and Learning Support adviser if you need personal assistance with your writing. For contact details go to the Science faculty page on Language and Learning Support for undergraduate students Launch new window.

Different types of scientific writing

At undergraduate level, depending on the units you choose to study, you may be required to produce a wide range of different types of writing including laboratory reports, essays, posters, reports, and literature reviews. You may also be required to make oral presentations supported by clear, well-written visuals.

The requirements for writing at university may be quite different from the requirements for writing which you have been expected to follow previously. The requirements are set out in the unit guide for each unit and on the unit websites. It is therefore very important for you to refer to the unit guide for specific instructions for each assignment you are required to complete.

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