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Hi! Welcome to the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform, one of Monash University's Monash Technology Research Platforms.

Our mission is to partner with research groups and industry to transform visualisation practice, by innovating and promoting new paradigms in immersive, collaborative visualisation of data and environments.

MIVP operates Monash University's advanced, immersive and large scale visualisation facilities, ranging from the ultrascale CAVE2TM down to personal head-mounted virtual reality (VR) devices like Oculus Rift. We exist to connect researchers and industry to novel and outstanding display and interaction technologies that stand to change the way we visualise complex, multi-dimensional data, especially image data, and thereby advance new paradigms for exploring, comprehending and analysing big data.

Our peak facility, the Monash CAVE2, is a next generation hybrid 2D and 3D virtual reality environment that combines Monash's expertise in high-performance computing, computer graphics, and networks, to render terascale datasets in unparalleled clarity. As the viewfinder of the 21st Century Microscope, CAVE2 enables the interactive exploration of data from sources including the Australian Synchrotron, electron microscopes, and medical imaging instruments.

Our team of programmers are expert in data format interchange, and the transfer of data to geometry for visualisation. We have all the skills needed to realise both traditional and new visualisations of legacy and contemporary data. We work with researchers and industry to understand their needs, we make recommendations on visualisation approaches, and help select and program the appropriate display system to deliver new capability and/or accelerate and transform research practice.

Our major facility is the Monash CAVE2. We are actively developing capabilities in immersive visualisation on scales from the CAVE2 down to the desktop, to transform and accelerate research at Monash.

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Monash University’s world-leading immersive visualisation space, the CAVE2.

The Monash CAVE2 is an immersive hybrid 2D and 3D virtual reality environment, showcasing Monash’s leadership in the data visualisation domain. Monash CAVE2 was the world’s most advanced visualisation facility of its type at the time of launch, and remains a landmark instrument two years later. CAVE2 accelerates research across a range of disciplines including engineering, science and medicine, and with high-speed connectivity to the Monash network, CAVE2 enables the interactive exploration of big data from sources including the synchrotron, electron microscopes, medical imaging instruments and a variety of simulations.

Based on the latest design deployed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, in the University of Illinois at Chicago, Monash’s CAVE2 facility takes the next step in visual computation capability, and combines the benefits of both scalable-resolution display walls and virtual-reality systems to create a seamless 2D/3D environment that supports both information-rich analysis, as well as virtual-reality simulation at unheralded resolution.   

To deliver its high-impact experience, our 84 million pixel CAVE2 is a highly-immersive environment, comprising

  • a display system with a curved video wall of eighty 46" 3D LCD panels, arranged in 20 four-panel columns;

  • head and motion tracking facilities;

  • 3D sound facilities;

  • a high-performance compute and render cluster delivering one trillion computations per second for each of the 80 screens, for real-time display of 2D and 3D imagery;

  • a super-fast local disk system, enabling for example 30 frame per second playback of 84 million pixel images; and

  • a high performance 10Gbps network fabric. 

CAVE2 is growing into a powerful platform for research and collaboration both within and beyond the University, and is positioned to underpin a range of research partnerships involving high bandwidth collaborations on high definition imagery and big data visualisation.

CAVE2 is a trademark of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.