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We offer two kinds of first visit to the CAVE2.

CAVE2 TOURS are oriented towards showcasing the CAVE2 to visitors. Visitors might be representatives from internal Monash service divisions, delegates from industry and/or government, or other high-profile visitors to Monash. A CAVE2 tour should be booked if you are hosting visitors to Monash and would like them to experience the CAVE2.

  • CAVE2 tours are available to be booked principally (but not exclusively) to Monash staff hosting visitors.
  • CAVE2 tours are charged at the rate of $220 for a 30 minute tour; this charge will be levied as directed by the individual booking the tour.

To book a tour, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To review the content available in demos, please see the Summary of available tour content.

Please note that CAVE2 is an advanced research facility, and is not open to the public.


RESEARCH DEMONSTRATIONS, on the other hand, are available to research groups and teams, and comprise a short demonstration of the facility followed by a discussion with a platform scientist or e-Research software specialist focusing on how the CAVE2 can be used. A research demonstration should be booked if your research group or team is a genuine prospective user of immersive visualisation and/or the collaborative display capabilities of the CAVE2.

  • Research demonstrations are available principally (but not exclusively) to Monash, Monash-affiliated and CSIRO research groups.
  • Research demonstrations are free of charge.

To book a reseearch demonstration, please contact the Platform Manager.