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Jianze Li has had his paper "Interact with Show-Window at Stores: Exploratory Study and Design Solution for Physical Retailers’ Product Demonstration" accepted as a Full Paper in the 6th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity and Game Creation.

Abstract. Facing the rapidly shrinking trend of in-store shopping, this study aims at developing an interactive environmental prototype that provides the in-store customer with a more intuitive and enjoyable experience. Based on an intensive market research and evaluation process, we suggest that it is necessary to establish a new type of connection among customers, products, and retailers. Therefore, it is vital to provide stores with a better solution which could integrate an advanced product displaying method with object tracking and recognition and user behaviour interaction approaches. The designed solution proposes an interactive show-window, which emphasizes customized product visualization and direct interactivity to reinforce the connection, during physical shopping, between goods and consumers. We explore the possible feedback when people interact with the interactive show-window using a qualitative study, which has also been facilitated through an interactive show-window installation. The results demonstrated a meaningful outcome for this designed solution.