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During the current period, while the CAVE2 is being established as a Monash Technology Research Platform, we are supporting limited content capability as listed below. These are the formats suitable for the OzViz 2013 visualisation exhibition to be held in the CAVE2.

  1. 3-d geometry models as composites of one or more Alias Wavefront (OBJ) format meshes.

    A simple text file should be created which lists one mesh file per line. Each line should comprise 8 colon-separated fields, viz. the verbatim text "objs", a name to identify the mesh, a single letter or digit used to group meshes, the filename containing the mesh (i.e. the OBJ filename), then four floats in the range 0.0 to 1.0 being the red, green, blue and alpha (opacity) components of the mesh colour. For example:

    objs:Outer surface:x:iso_200k_4x4.obj:1.00:0.90:0.20:1.0

    N.B. the group letter or digit is currently ignored; facets of transparent meshes (alpha < 1.0) are not rendered in correct back-to-front order.

  2. 3-d geometry stored in a single Autodesk FBX format model.

    N.B. this is relatively untested, some FBX features may not be supported.

  3. H.264-encoded Quicktime (MOV) files up to HD resolution.

    These will be displayed in the CAVE2's Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) mode and can be scaled to the full height of the CAVE2 display. Up to six HD streams can be played concurrently.

    N.B. 4K content will be tested shortly.

  4. Single frame high-resolution 2-d images (JPEG).

    Full CAVE2 resolution is 27320 x 3072 pixels. Approximate CAVE2 geometry and frame size is available in this template image.

    N.B. an audio soundtrack can be played in MP3 or WAV format.

  5. Multi-frame high-resolution 2-d images (JPEG stack) for sequential playback.

    Resolution as for single frame 2-d images.

    N.B. high frame rate (10p, 15p, 30p) will be tested shortly.

    N.B. An audio soundtrack can be played in MP3 or WAV format but synchronisation with the frame playback should not be relied upon. If 30p synchronised audio and video is required, please provide H.264-encoded Quicktime (see above).