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Check out this classic discussion paper that addresses the issue of the statistical significance of visual discoveries: Buja et al.,"Statistical inference for exploratory data analysis and model diagnostics."


Al Globus and Eric Riable's amusing Fourteen Ways to Say Nothing With Scientific Visualization is a great read. A tongue-in-cheek article that documents "numerous time-tested scientific visualization techniques for producing pretty pictures while avoiding unnecessary illumination of the data."

Put your thinking caps on for Chris Johnson's Top Scientific Visualization Research Problems (2005). A useful starting point if you want to make your name in the field!

The term Scientific Visualisation can be traced back to the Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing, held in 1987, and published by ACM SIGGRAPH. This report is a landmark in the history of data and scientific visualisation and is still a valuable read today. The report is available for download at the linked page.

Check out David McCandless' marvellous TED talk, The Beauty of Data Visualization. Unmissable for the information professional!