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Ebola strike force

The people battling the West African Ebola outbreak draw on expertise in everything from predictive modelling to the sad and dangerous task of dealing with the dead.

Ebola and the ethics question

When the world tolerates impoverished healthcare systems, the risks associated with contagious disease escalate exponentially.

Medicine enters the nano world

Nanotechnology is on the verge of giving doctors the ability to treat disease with cell-by-cell precision.

Gender violence humanity's litmus test

Research into violence against women points to a root cause of entrenched economic equality.

The art of mending broken hearts

When damaged organs such as the heart are one day given the capacity to self-heal, the world may have a biology teacher to thank.

Red Sea's ocean destiny

An extraordinary geological event is taking place in the Red Sea.

Climate science is in the clouds

Clouds are central to weather systems, yet their ephemeral nature makes them hard to factor in to the models used to better understand our shifting climate.


The discovery of errant molecular "messengers" within the human immune system has created new opportunities to aid patients with hard-to-treat disorders.

Memory jolt

Medication can control the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia, but there has been nothing to help the debilitating effects of memory loss – until now.

Pathways to hope

There may never be a single cure for cancer – but the increasing tempo of discovery into how cancer develops is slowly loosening the disease's grip on humanity.

Smart lighting

Modern indoor lighting systems could have a surprise extra capability – advanced electronic communications.

A box full of memories

Innovative design principles based on real-life experience could give dementia and back pain sufferers a brighter outlook.

Lives laid bare in the "prism of biography"

As biographers dig deep into the records, they sometimes prise free secrets that throw light on how history was shaped.


A clear view for the future


Antipodes lead way in sepsis treatment


Website helps vaccination rates