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Upcoming public events 2014

muma spine

Rooms for Thought: Radical Uses of Museum Collections

Friday 12 & Saturday 13 September 2014

Rooms for Thought examines recent curatorial initiatives with collections, undertaken both by artists and curators alike. We are delighted to bring Dr Clémentine Deliss to Australia to discuss her groundbreaking work with ethnographic collections at Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt, as well as Jaroslaw Suchan, whose unconventional curatorial approach to the collections at Muzeum Sztuki has brought great attention to this artist-initiated regional museum in Lodz, Poland. These keynote speakers will be joined by Australian and New Zealand artists, academics and curators in a program designed to look at the movement away from defined roles and methodologies through a number of case studies. It is presented in parallel to Fiona Connor: Wallworks at MUMA, an exhibition which takes inspiration from the Monash University Collection.

Speakers: Dr Clémentine Deliss, Justin Paton, JarosÅ‚aw Suchan, Patrick Pound, Rebecca Coates, Jane Devery, Daniel Palmer, Sarah Farrar, Brook Andrew, Holly Williams, David Cross, Sean Dockray, Charlotte Day and Tara McDowell.

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vogliamo tutto

Book launch:
Nanni Balestrini's Vogliamo Tutto

Date: Thursday 28 August 2014
Time: 6pm
Venue: MUMA
Speakers: Professor Callum Morton & Warren Taylor

Vogliamo tutto: we want everything—the novel of Italy's "Hot Autumn"! Vogliamo tutto focuses on the "hot autumn of 1969" that started with a big strike at Fiat, Turin, and sparked nearly 10 years of radical action in Italy. It's a story of emigration, the revolt against work and the birth of political consciousness from the point of view of a young southern Italian. Balestrini documents experiences on the factory floor, in the meetings and demonstrations and at the barricades to create a poetic remix of a novel, a call to arms for a just society.This book is the first English translation of this important work. Told in the first person, the story is based on interviews with one particular worker, flyers from the movement and transcripts of rallies and assemblies during the strike. Read more here...