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  • Fellowships honour exceptional citizens

    Monash University recognised leaders in law, business, government, the arts, health, sport and the media at a gala ceremony held in Melbourne last night.

  • L to R: Professor Wong, Professor Wu and Professor Trounson

    World leading researchers recognised

    A renowned engineer, a leading IVF and stem cell biologist and a thought leader in urban water management have been named as 2014 Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

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  • How would Australian hospitals respond to a case of Ebola?

    As the Ebola outbreak continues in West Africa, hospitals and health systems are preparing for possible cases in Australia. What would this response look like?

  • KPIs for your life

    Anyone who’s worked in a big organisation will know about KPIs – key performance indicators. Numbers to measure how the organisation is functioning. We have dozens in hospitals – time from arrival to discharge, infection rate, falls rate, seclusions rate,

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