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What is this service?

Moodle is a flexible, web based learning and teaching system. It is the University’s principal learning management system.

Where is it located in the portal?

Moodle can only be accessed from the portal. Links are located on the home page and in the 'Teaching' tab of the staff portal and ‘Study and administration’ tab of the student portal.

Who can use it?

Staff and students can use this service.

How do I use it?

The management interface enables staff to manage their courses online: post assignments and grades, create discussion groups and assessment quizzes, and utilise a range of educational tools and aids.

How much will it cost? This service does not attract an additional fee.
How do I get it activated? Contact eSolutions using the Service Desk Online link in the footer section of the portal.
Where can I find more info? Visit the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) website.

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