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Monash University Lectures Online (MULO)

What is this service?

MULO is a digitised audio recording service provided by Monash University Library that enables teaching staff to record lectures, which they can then make available to their students in their portal.

Where is it located in the portal?

Links to MULO appear on Unit pages located in the 'Study and administration' tab of the student portal and the 'Teaching' tab of the staff portal.

Who can use it?

This service is available to all teaching staff.

How do I use it?

Teaching staff record lectures using MULO and then select to make links to the recorded lectures visible to their students on their Unit pages.

How much will it cost? Incorporating MULO recorded lectures into the Unit page does not attract an additional fee.
How do I get it activated? Once staff have recorded a lecture using MULO, the option to display the link will automatically become available on the relevant Unit page.
Where can I find more info?
  • Visit the MULO website:
  • Submit your queries or requests for support using (you will find a link to on the left side list of links on your portal’s home page).

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