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Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social Work

General information

Course abbreviation: BA/BSW + Course code: 3426

Admission requirements

To be eligible for selection into the course, applicants must have studied VCE units 3 and 4 or equivalent. The prerequisites are a study score of at least 25 in English (any).

The mode of selection will be the ENTER and completion of the Social Work department's application form. Application is direct to the Social Work department.

Units offered

The BA/BSW offers the equivalent of two years studies in arts and two years in social work. The arts component must include an arts major and an arts minor stream, as well as the prerequisite studies of the individual and of society listed under the prerequisites for the Bachelor of Social Work (see Arts faculty offerings for arts units available).

Course structure

The course structure will be described in general terms because there is a wide variety of choices of arts units that students can select from arts discipline areas. The main structural characteristics of the course are:

The normal pattern of study is for student to study four units per semester; in semesters where the field placement is undertaken, this is reduced to two units plus the placement
In the arts component of the degree, students need to complete:

  • an arts major (the equivalent of eight units within a particular discipline spread over three years)
  • an arts minor (the equivalent of four units within a particular discipline spread over two years)
  • two other streams (the equivalent of two units each completed within the first year)
  • two units in each of the following areas specified by the AASW: studies of individual behaviour (found in units such as psychology or human development); studies of how society functions (found in units such as sociology, anthropology, gender studies, cultural studies, politics, philosophy, history and so on); a unit in Indigenous studies is required.

The AASW prescribed studies can be completed within the two first-year streams, but students may study them in their major or minor sequences if they wish.

The social work component of the degree, as well as the field placements, are listed under the Bachelor of Social Work entry. The only modifications to this listing are that SWK3220, SWK3250 and SWK3260 are offered at second-year level in the double degree so that the arts major can be completed in third year.
The arts and social work units are combined in the following sequence:

(a) the first year is comprised of arts subjects only
(b) the second year is comprised of five arts units and three social work units
(c) the third year includes three arts units (which complete the major sequence); the rest are social work units (including the first field placement)
(d) the final year is comprised of social work units only, including the second field placement.

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