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Algorithms and data structures ( 6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL)



Clayton First semester 2005 (Day)
Malaysia First semester 2005 (Day)

Synopsis: Concepts and techniques fundamental to the science of programming. Topics include analysis of best, average and worst case time and space complexity; introduction to numerical algorithms; recursion; advanced data structures such as heaps and B-trees; sorting algorithms; searching algorithms; graph algorithms; and numerical computing.

Assessment: Examination (3 hours): 70% + Laboratory work: 30%

Contact Hours: Two 1-hour lectures per week, one 1-hour tutorial per fortnight, and one 3-hour laboratory per fortnight

Prerequisites: CSE1303 or CSC1030 and 12 points of approved first-year mathematics units (or equivalent)

Prohibitions: CSC2040, DGS2131, RDT2131