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Schools it tutoring project ( 3 points, SCA Band 2, 0.063 EFTSL)


Leader: Chris Penna

Clayton Second semester 2005 (Day)

Synopsis: School Technology education (which incorporates information and communication technologies and the design process) is now a recognised part of school curricula from primary levels to VCE. It is one of the 8 Key Learning Areas that must now comprise each school's curriculum from preparatory to year 10. An opportunity exists for computer science students to contribute to the development of this key learning area in schools. During this unit the students are expected to participate in, and contribute to, the ongoing development of a school information technology or computer science program, at either primary or secondary level.

Assessment: The strategies for assessment are: Project report - 80%. This includes a component related to ongoing contact with Monash staff, and client feedback. Depending on the nature of the placement, it may include any curriculum materials the student has helped develop. Seminar Presentation (approx 15 minutes) - 20%.

Contact Hours: On average 4-6 hours hours per week including preparation, consultation, school-based conduct, documentation and reporting.

Prerequisites: Level 2 Information Technology units