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Information retrieval systems ( 6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL)

Postgraduate Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Leader: B Srinivasan

Caulfield First semester 2005 (Day)

Synopsis: Information retrieval: overview of information, applications of variable-length data, characteristics of ill-structured data, indexing and retrieval methods including full file inversion, signature files and videotext systems. Optical storage systems including CD-ROM; multimedia technology including videotext and laser discs, specific products. Query languages: man-machine dialogues including procedural and non-procedural approaches; forms-based methods such as QBE; natural language interfaces; intellect; intelligent interfaces; Hypertext; evolutionary trends.

Assessment: Examination (2 hours): 50% + Practical work: 50%

Contact Hours: 4 hours per week

Prerequisites: CSE9002 or equivalent

Prohibitions: COT4300, CSE3201