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Database systems ( 6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL)


Leader: D Foott

Caulfield Second semester 2005 (Day)
Caulfield Summer 2005 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit will introduce students to the concepts underlying the design and use of DBMS in differing organisational contexts. The unit introduces databases and information resource management, database administration, database development, data modelling, normalisation and SQL. Consideration of the techniques used to develop database systems further supports these concepts.

Assessment: Examination: 3 hours (60%) + Assignments (40%)

Contact Hours: 4 hours per week

Prohibitions: BUS3010, BUS3112, COT2132, COT2138, CPE2005, CSE2132, CSE2138, CSE2180, CSE2316, CSE3031, CSE3180, CSE3316, GCO2815, GCO3851, IMS2112, MMS2801