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Programming fundamentals ( 6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL)


Leader: Matt Butler

Berwick First semester 2005 (Day)
Berwick Second semester 2005 (Day)

Synopsis: The purpose of this unit is to introduce fundamental concepts of logical thinking and program design that can be applied to multimedia development and varying multimedia tools.

Assessment: Three assignments (40%) Examination (60%) Practical Tests (30%) Written Examination (2 hours - 30%)

Contact Hours: 4 Hours (2 hours of lecture/demonstration, one 2 hour tutorial session per week )

Prerequisites: NA

Corequisites: NA

Prohibitions: BUS1010, BUS1060, BUS2011, CFR2121, CPE1001, CSC1011, CSC1021, GCO1810, IMS1906, MMS1802, MMS1803, MMS2803, RDT1301, SFT2121