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Illustration 4 ( 6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL)



Not offered in 2005.

Synopsis: Development of an identifiable personal style that can be used to solve a wide range of illustration problems. Interaction with practising illustrators and work to actual briefs. Visual vocabulary development through the maintenance of reference folios. A balance of efficiency, experimentation, aesthetics and communication is sought in each job, each one involving a greater design problem.

Objectives: On successful completion of this unit, students will: 1.confidently illustrate with technical and aesthetic expertise; 2.challenge traditional uses of illustration media and push the boundaries of image making; 3.apply illustration to the greater practice of graphic design; 4.solve illustration problems eloquently, efficiently and skillfully; 5.practice illustration with an awareness of current and historical illustration methods; 6.pursue an identifying style suited to his or her strengths and talents.

Assessment: Assigned projects: 100%

Contact Hours: 4 studio hours and 8 independent study hours per week

Prerequisites: VCO2202 or VCO2203