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Quality of service in digital communication networks ( 6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL)


Leader: TBA

Not offered in 2006.

Synopsis: Coverage of the definition, standard recommendation and common algorithms in the areas of quality of service and traffic management in ATM/IP based networks. The topics to be covered include: Quality of service concepts and parameters in ATM networks; Traffic characterisation and management; Standard recommendations ITU and IETF; Traffic classes and management; Usage parameter control (UPC), Traffic shaping and policing; Connection admission control (CAC) functions; Congestion avoidance and control; QoS models and implementations on IP and Internet; Virtual queues, queue scheduling, DiffServ and IntServ; RSVP, RIP and layer 4 QoS capability; Neuro-fuzzy algorithms for QoS guarantee.

Assessment: Two 25% assignments + 50% final examination (2 hours)

Contact Hours: 2 hours lectures

Prerequisites: CSE4891 or CSE4881 or equivalent