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Advanced therapeutic interaction in nursing ( 12 points, SCA Band 0, 0.250 EFTSL)


Leader: Kay McCauley

Hong Kong First semester 2006 (OCL)
Malaysia First semester 2006 (OCL)
Peninsula First semester 2006 (Day)
Peninsula First semester 2006 (OCL)

Synopsis: In this unit students will study a variety of approaches to psychotherapeutic interaction and counselling. This will include analysis of the theoretical underpinnings and major concepts of each approach. The students will develop a greater self awareness. Students will be assisted in the development of their own unique approaches to psychotherapeutic interaction with their clients.

Objectives: On completion of the unit the students are expected to : 1. Critically analyse a variety of approaches to psychotherapy; 2. Develop a greater awareness of self and the ways in which personal attributes affect interaction with clients and others; 3. Demonstrate acquisition of communication skills required for effective psychotherapeutic interaction; 4. Plan interventions and establish goals to meet the needs of the client; 5. Practice the relevant skills for effective counselling in a variety of clinical settings; 6. Discuss a range of contemporary issues in psychotherapy; 7. Critically appraise the evidence available regarding the efficacy of the approaches to psychotherapies; 8. Develop an understanding of cultural psychosocial aspects which influence the development of a therapeutic relationship and counselling role.

Assessment: Computer conferences 40% + Written assignment 60% + Clinical assessment Pass/Fail

Prohibitions: NSG5214 Developing a therapeutic alliance