Melbourne Age Dot Map

Australia has an ageing population. As of June 2011, the median age of the population in Australia was 37.3 years, up from 35.7 years in June 2001. Population ageing can have many social and economic impacts in long term including shrinking workforce, increase in spending on health care, decrease in spending on consumer goods, etc. Older people also have mobility limitations due to declining health conditions and functional impairments.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y), however, have a different impact. They are more ethnically/racially diverse than older adults, more educated, less religious, and more exposed to technological changes. Studies have also shown that Generation Y are more inclined toward an urban life style, more multimodal, and less likely to drive their own car.

The Melbourne Age Dot Map visualizes the spatial distribution of population by age in Melbourne. A pattern that stands out most is the concentration of Millennials (20-35 years old) in the CBD and inner city areas. Also, a closer look at the newly developed fringe suburbs reveal that those areas are mostly inhabited by population under 65 years old.

This project is funded by the Faculty of Engineering Seed Funding and the Immersive Analytics Project at Monash University.

Data Source: ABS Census 2011

Xianghui Hong and Meead Saberi