Complex Network of Travel Demand in Melbourne

In 2013, an estimated 14.2 million trips were made on an average weekday in greater Melbourne area. As population increases, the number of daily trips is estimated to increase to 24.9 million in 2051. Such large scale demand for travel between hundreds/thousands of origins and destinations can actually be viewed as a complex network.

In this project, we visualize a sample of daily trips in Melbourne obtained from the Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity (VISTA) . The visualized complex network includes 46,335 trips (edges) and 183 Statistical Local Areas (nodes).

Each colour represents a cluster of nodes that are strongly connected and form a spatial coherent community. Links are coloured according to their origins' colour. This uncovers the structure of communities in Melbourne inherent to its human mobility patterns.

Developed by Julian Li and Meead Saberi
City Science at Monash University

Reference: Saberi, M., Mahmassani, H., Brockmann, D., Hosseini, A. (2016) A Complex Network Perspective for Characterizing Urban Travel Demand Patterns: Graph Theoretical Analysis of Large-Scale Origin-Destination Demand Networks. Transportation. DOI: 10.1007/s11116-016-9706-6