Research areas

  • Construction of Sex/Gender, Ethical Issues - Scientific Research, Sociology of Science, Research Training, Practice, Biomedicine, Men and Aging, Social Inequalities, Inequalities in Health, Socio-cultural perspectives, Sociology of Disability and Rehabilitation, Sociology of Emotion, Sociology of Risk, Sociology of the Body, Stem Cell Technologies, Stem Cell Tourism

Research interests

Sociology of health and illness, including sociology of public health and health promotion

Sociology of new and emerging technologies, particularly biomedical technologies

Sociology of risk

Sociology of the body

Constructions of sex/gender

Sociology of emotions, including constructions of gender differences of emotionality

Sociology of food

Contemporary social theory

Sustainable Societies

Supervision interests

I am interested in supervising students in all of the above areas. Over the years, I have supervised a wide ranage of projects, including on gynaecological governance and endometriosis, the construction of dyslexia, the discourse of weight control, smoking culture in Indonesia, the history of palliative care, podiatric surgery and medical dominance, and discourses of sustainability.

Monash teaching commitment

ATS2717/3717 Sociology of Health and Medicine

ATS2730/3730 Sustainable Societies

APGS468 Qualitative Research Strategies

Community service

Member, National Enabling Technologies Strategy Stakeholders Advisory Council (DIISRHE) (2011-2012)

Member, Gene Technology Regulator Ethics and Community Consultative Committee (Dept Health and Aging) (2011-2014)

Member, Executive, The Australian Sociological Association (2008-2012)

Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Centre for Research in Health, Sex and Society (2014-)

ID: 847925