Alfred Psychiatry Research Ctr (MAPrc)

    Research areas

  • cognition, hormones, mental illness, neuropsychology, genetics, eye tracking, Stress


Caroline is a Senior Research Fellow and a clinical neuropsychologist at MAPrc.
Caroline is the research leader for the Women’s Mental Health Division at MAPrc and leads the “Cognition, hormones and genes” research unit within the Women’s Mental Health division. Caroline’s research explores the interplay between biological factors (such as genetic effects and hormones) and lifestyle factors (such as trauma and stress) on cognition in mental illness.   Caroline has also recently established a clinical neuropsychology service that runs through MAPrc.

Key areas of interest
•Eye movements in psychiatry
•Sex hormones and cognition
•Stress hormones, trauma and cognition
•Dopaminergic genes and cognition 
•Cognition across the psychosis continuum: schizotypy to schizophrenia
If you would like to find out more about Caroline’s research, please contact her:

ID: 796459