Research areas

  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke, Neuropsychological Interventions, Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Memory Skills Group, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Clinician competence, Group Interventions, Smartphones, Telehealth

Clinical activities

Dana is a practicing Clinical Neuropsychologist and supervises DPsych students on placement in the Neurorehabilitation and Neuropsychology Clinics at the Monash Psychology Centre. She leads the Neurorehabilitation Clinic, which includes the Monash Memory Skills Group for people with acquired brain injury.

Research interests

Assessment of cognitive and emotional difficulties following TBI and stroke

Treatment of depression and anxiety post-ABI using motivational interviewing and CBT

Rehabilitation of memory and other cognitive difficulties following ABI

Use of telehealth delivery of cognitive rehabilitation following ABI

Values and their relationship to post-traumatic growth in people with TBI

Use of smartphone and tablet technology by people with TBI and stroke and their treating clinicians

Training neuropsychological intervention skills in postgraduate psychology students and registered psychologists

Predictive validity of OSCEs as tests of assessment and intervention skills in clinical practice

Monash teaching commitment

Dana contributes to teaching in the following five units:

DPSY5102 Psychological Assessment

DPSY5262 Case Analysis and Professional Practice in Neuropsychology

DPSY5265 Neuropsychological Syndromes

DPSY6204 Clinical Neuropsychology

DPSY6263 Recovery of Function and Rehabilitation after Brain Injury

ID: 843764