Professor Frieder Seible is Academic Vice-President (Industry Engagement), Dean of the Engineering Faculty and Dean of the Information Technology Faculty at Monash University. He is an Elected Fellow of the US Academy of Engineering and a Foreign Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Professor Seible's expertise is in the analysis and modelling of structures and their behaviour simulation in extreme events such as earthquakes and bomb blasts. His research achievements include over 600 publications and technical reports.


As the Dean of the Faculties of Information Technology and Engineering at Monash University, Professor Seible's responsibilities include strategic planning and operations, faculty-wide research and education initiatives, academic affairs, and Monash-wide cooperative programs. As an Academic Vice-President, he is responsible for a range of external and internal engagement initiatives at Monash.

 Professor Seible is not currently overseeing students or researchers.

Research interests

Professor Seible's research interests are in the area of evaluation and protection of critical infrastructure systems; analysis and design of reinforced/prestressed concrete bridges; evaluation and rehabilitation of existing bridge structures and buildings; development of new computer models to predict dynamic and static nonlinear response of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures under service loads, overloads and failure loads; verification of computer models by means of large or full-scale experimental testing; earthquake resistant design of reinforced concrete and concrete masonry structures; development of new large-scale structural testing techniques; seismic assessment and retrofit of bridges; application of Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC) in civil structures; blast assessment and hardening of structures; health monitoring of constructed infrastructure facilities; and terrorist threat/blast mitigation for critical infrastructure facilities; structural safety and functionality of High Speed Rail.

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